Does your company do performance reviews? Do they tie those reviews to bonuses or any other incentives? I found this business humor cartoon & it made me laugh because its one of those things that is funny because its true. There are a lot of companies that are out there with individual sin a leadership position that handle their employees poorly. They harass, humiliate & discourage their employees & often times its in front of other co-workers.

Have you experienced this at work? Are you the one fallen victim or are you the one contributing to the stress in your work place?

If you are the one that has to hear how worthless you are, how bad you screwed a deal then maybe that is not the place for you? Have you tried to stand up for yourself? There are ways to stick up for yourself & let your superiors know that public humiliation is not a way to operate.

First off, respectfully ask to speak to the one issuing the critisism in private. At that point if they agree then let them know in a respectable manner that you do not appreciate being spoken to in the manner you were. If they do not agree to meet with you then at that point address it as best as you can in front of the other colleagues. It is not inappropriate if you gave them an out firstly. If there is merit to the words that they spoke even if it was spoken in an ill manner be sure to address that.

Secondly, be sure that the words & the criticism that was said does not deter you from being your best & from not letting the way it was told get you down. Some people do not have a decent way with others. They do not know how to be good managers. Its okay to let them know your thoughts & it should be okay to speak about the big elephant in the room with out feeling bad about that.

If you are a manager that is constantly belittling their workers & making a joke of it in front of other workers then I highly suggest you try to visualize how it feels for you to be in their shoes. How would it feel if you were the one being taken down piece by piece in front of an audience? Not so good. Think about the other ways you could have gone about a conversation with out doing it in a humiliating manner. Recognizing that the way it was handled was wrong is Step 1. If you can do that you can definitely be on your way to improving your management skills. I am not saying do not let an employee know when they are wrong because I am absolutely not. I am saying watch the way you handle the situation. The words & the actions given can allow an employee to grow or to do the complete opposite.