So lately around the world we have been dealing with Covid-19. We are 4 months in & it does not seem to be clearing. We can blame it on a number of things but it is the decisions being made with each individual that drive the continuum.

What do I mean you say? Every person has a conscience decision to make the moment that they leave their own homes. Do you wear a mask or even own one yet? Do you bring sanitizer or cleansing wipes when you go out? Do you do your best to respect the opinions & lives of those around you that could have an underlining disease?

Now Im not stating to stop living. Not by any means. Im saying are we each doing our own individual part to slow down the curve. Now we are at an in-pass with schools. To Zoom or not to Zoom. To go in person or not to go in person. What is your school district doing? You might not think this is a business related conversation but I’d beg to differ. This conversation affects the parents that have children but have to work. It affects them because they want to keep their child home because little Sally has severe asthma but they can’t be there 24/7 to help her Zoom because their employer insists they start to go into work. Its questions like these that make me wonder if we all had done our small bit it in it all would we be here in this conundrum?

Our district has decided to Zoom & give the option for children to go to school with of course the proper precautions. It took me a while to ponder what I wanted to do. In the end we decided to let our children attend school. I will make sure my kids have their mask & we have been practicing extreme levels of hygiene care. I hope it carries over into the Fall semester.

What did you decide to do with your kids? What did your Districts decide?

Further more, are your employers supportive? Are they giving you allowances to aid you in this difficult time?