Figuring it all out?

Did you get a promotion? Did you just start a job? Were you nervous & scared? Intimated by the notion that you could fail; that you have no clue what you are doing? Did your new boss come up to you & hand you a stack of papers & say, “Here, make something of this.” Yup, that was me & that has been me time and time again when I begin a new journey in my life.

In life when I am insecure about something but excited at the same time I have to suffocate that voice in my head that says, “Hold up, have you done this before?” If you haven’t done it before it is okay for it to be scary, allow yourself that moment of pause. Identify it. If not, that seed of doubt can grow into a garden of negativity. What exactly does that negativity do for you? Nothing! So take that doubt & push it way down, because you won’t need it where you are headed. You will certainly not need it once you have accomplished your task at hand or your goals in life.

My current voice of fear has been surfacing lately because for years I have longed to proclaim myself a writer. Something I have done since I was in grade school for fun & something I still do for myself & my children. I don’t think I can actually claim to be a writer until I am a published author or can I? Lately, I have been having a strong sense of this is where God wants me to go next. Do you ever get that? Some days the urge is stronger than others & yet again other days the voice goes stale. I have been trying to figure out this writing thing for a while now. I don’t know if I necessary like the idea of being so vulnerable & everyone peering into me so closely. I certainly do not like the notion of being rejected. Heck who does?

What is the thing that is holding you back right now from accomplishing what you want to? Is it fear? Is it judgement? Im there with you & it can be overwhelming but we can accomplish anything if we can just do it step by step.

I want to hear your dreams & the steps you are taking!