Hesitation…Anxiety? What is it that is stopping you?

“When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.” – Winston Churchill

Why wait for tomorrow? Why not do what you want to do today? I know, I know. It sounds pretty crazy & insanely intimidating but what do you have to loose if you get started now?

Hear me out. I started Nichols Virtual Sourcing years ago as a way to continue my career & still be a stay at home Mother. Not that being a Stay at home Mother is bad, its just for me I have always been driven to work & I love recruiting.

Well unbeknownst to me it became a very lucrative business. Hey, I am an incredibly devoted & hard worker so that does help & have its benefits. You can’t be successful with out a bit of that elbow grease! Im kinda like a bull dog my Husband says. Which I guess could be insulting but he just means when I get an order I go in full attack mode! You give me a chance & I’ll get it done & I will not stop until I have some solid candidate for your. Thats just me. I absolutely thrive under pressure & love a good challenge. So years go by & I could never fully understand how to promote myself & to put myself out there even though I am extremely social & some what media savvy. I just figured okay God take me where you need me to go. But hey guys, as much as God loves us we still have to do some work here. Even if that means learning something new & putting yourself out there. So er go me today.

Lets go on and fast forward to now more than 7 years later & COVID. Yes that is one of those forsaken C words no one wants to mention. So that happens & clients for sometime did not want to spend, and I get it. I wouldn’t want to spend & invest money when Im bleeding money & furloughing/laying off people left and right. So what do we do to drive up that business. Well get creative! Get out of that comfort zone. It will be scary at times but risks & new things often are. However, there is still excitement in the anxiety of it all.

So get out there & just do it. No one will ever fault a person for trying. I tell my children that all the time. If you do it and you fail perhaps change the method or the approach & just try again.