Microagressions: Female Intended

Are you a woman? I have to ask merely because some of my readers are men. I ask that as a prelude to the conversation that we are going to have today. So here I go…

Why can women be roadblocks for other women in business? Why do they want to be? If you are a woman, has this happened to you or have you been the roadblock to other women? We have enough roadblocks to surpass with out other women tripping us up. Be a cheerleader!

The reason for me asking this question today, is because I have noticed a great trend with in my own company. I have significantly more traffic & sales when I speak directly to a man versus when I speak to a woman. I want to know why that is. As someone that is newer to sales, is there a way to combat that & initially get better at it?

For the hundreds of cold leads I initiate, I come in with maybe 1% closed. The odds are rough in sales, or perhaps that is just me. Im still learning mind you! I love the sales hunt in the game of business. I love putting out my fishing pole per se & reeling in a fish. The bigger the fish, the harder the fight & ultimately the more satisfactory the reward feels. I am always looking to get better at my work. Whether it’s recruiting, sales, marketing or business in general, I want to learn as much as I can to be the best that I can be. It may sound like fluff but its genuinely not.

So, back to my question about women acting as roadblocks for other women. What makes you not let me or others passed? Is it my appearance? Is it my enthusiasm? Is it my industry? Is it my ethnicity? I mean, in order to get better I need to see what is cutting me at the knees. I require the criticism to grow.

Why is it that women fight for respect in the workplace & from our male counterparts but we don’t get that from other women in return?

How do we disassociate our feelings towards another woman & their outward appearances? Shouldn’t we be looking inwards at our own faults versus nitpicking at everything that a woman is failing to do? She is trying to build her brand & better herself in every which way & is met with constant rejection & now has to formulate a way to combat her own from slamming her down. When all of it could be prevented. Sometimes, it seems as if women will always be in a position of weakness because we can’t seem to unify & really parade around other women; building them up every which way.

I see it all too much on social media sights; from LinkedIn to Instagram. Women trolling other women, trying to bring them down a notch or put them in their place. What does that do for them? Did it make you feel good to comment on a physical feature? Did it make you feel good to say their business is null & void? It’s that very mentality that hurts us as a whole & hurts us as individual women. If you can’t celebrate a woman’s success, then what does that say about you?

I get excited when I see people like Tiffany Krumins or Kara Goldin or so many other amazing women out there creating a way for women & praising them along the way. Its admirable & I love that they can be at the top of their game but still smile down at the many other women around them & hold out their hand for help.

Have you looked at statistics lately? I read this number & granted its from a few years back but my goodness. 19.9% are women owned businesses in the US? We are growing but at a snails pace! I want my daughter to grow up & know that the odds are in her favor not at a disadvantage. Come on ladies, help your fellow women! Let’s make that number soar in 2022 & beyond.

I mean check this out below. We need to grow in places like utilities, manufacturing, finance, etc. My spouse is an engineer & he is always talking about how there needs to be more women in engineering! That is a prominently male dominated job.

Seeing more women at the top, owning companies & becoming board members will likely stem a revolution of younger women that can aspire & become women owners in the future. Women need to change the work culture stigma towards women & do our parts to raise them up! Let’s make it more female friendly. Let’s do our part!