“How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God there is rain?”

There are so many things to be said about the rain. Different meanings & variations written in literature in a variety of formats across the world for hundreds of years.

What is rain to you? What does every droplet yield in your perspective?

Rain to me is erasing current sins. Washing away old rancid ways & refreshing us with a new skin, a clearer light & ultimately a chance to do things right.

There are so many things transpiring right now in our world. From illness & death, to politics & hate crimes. It seems as if imminent doom is nearing. We can either succumb to the circumstances that are surrounding us, fall to our knees with anxiety, fear & anger or we can fall to our knees with our eyes to the sky asking for forgiveness, clarity & renewal.

What I mean by that is when we are given obstacles that are tough to deal with often times it is because there is a meaning surrounding our afflictions. We don’t just wade in the waters slugging around for no reason. Either we are in it for ourselves to see a bigger picture or for others around us to learn from our trials & upsets or we give up. Which would you rather? I think I know what I would pick & what I have chosen in my past when faced with my own upsets.

Looking back at my own personal trials whether it be circumstantial instances that pop up through life or my cancer diagnosis & the deaths I have had to overcome; I’ve always reflected back on how God has allowed the storms to push into my life. As those clouds rolled in, they were able to wash away the dirt & grim so that I could see better & reflect more upon what is right in front of me. The people, the love & the light that each individual is able to bring into my own life. Those entities are worth far more then the vanity that surrounds success & glory. We learn more from our transgressions in life than we ever possibly could learn from our wins.

So why so much anger? Why are there people dying from being shot driving to work? What are the personal agendas of the individuals that allow their bodies, hearts & minds to be absorbed by so much hate?

Why does a person walk into a school or place of employment & open fire? They had so much fear & uncertainty & no one to help blanket them from their own pain & negativity so they figured I’ll take control. Could you imagine if one person saw that pained individual & offered comfort? The difference it could make?

If you witness a violent act taking place or a situation which requires immediate attention do you turn a blind eye? Just like in the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible. Do you just keep walking past the injured man because you have more important things you have to get to?

Maybe God makes it rain because he wants us to see clearly that the way we are going in life is wrong. The way we think needs adjusting.

Life has a very unique way of showing us our true identities & allowing us to reflect on hard moments with more clarity then we would have had we been unscathed.

Next time it rains think about what God is trying to help wash away.