The evolution of self…

I have been recently reading Michelle Obama’s, Becoming book & it is a fantastic read. Very motivational and I highly recommend if you are in the market for something to get your mind flowing. I the book she brokers the thought, why do we ask children what they want to be when they get older. I honestly never stopped to think about the question & actually fall victim to asking my own kids. I was cycling & I literally paused the audiobook & pondered this thought in depth trying to recall what I wanted to be in 5th grade, 8th grade, 12th & college. I started off wanting to be a performer although my singing abilities are rather unimpressive, then it morphed into studying law after the OJ Simpson trial hit the screens. Later in high school it transpired to an Author & Fashion Designer only to go back to law in college. I ended up graduated with a mash up of criminal justice, design & english. I always shy away when people ask what I studied in college & self chastise. Why? Why should I feel bad & insecure about wanting to study various things? Passions & interests to figure out me? Society does a poor job of allowing college students to explore interests at length before diving head first into a long winded career.

Now I own a Recruiting Firm & every single day that baffles me because it wasn’t in my predicted pipeline. I evolved to this place in time. I will continue to evolve growing & expanding my mind & company until long past I am of the retiring age.

Do you think that getting older makes us all of a sudden halt our ability to grow & achieve? Once we choose our career thats it? A Doctor goes to school for years on end & is not allowed to decide they want to all of a sudden be a chef? What about if a Carpenter decided you know what, I want to run for office? What do you want to be when you are 40, 50, 60 & 70? My list is lengthy & I am 36. I still have red tape I want to break, do you?

Age does not define us. I feel with age most certainly comes that wisdom that older generations speak of. I love having that insight at my age & I cant wait to look back 10 years from now knowing even more. Perspectives change, so why cant we?