A girlfriend of mine posted this & it intrigued me enough to post it on my own. The article is by Entrepreneur.com & it goes into constructing your time in a way to get the optimum results.

When you start a business or run a business like the article states it can be absolutely exhausting! Now do that & be a Mother of two rambunctious children it will just eat you alive. Time management has become my key. Somedays honestly I am much better at it than others. Those other days I feel like that Tasmanian Devil on Looney Tunes. (Shout out to those 80’s babies!)

I love this image. Its so accurate! I often feel like I have 18 tabs open & they are all something completely different! Raise your hand if that is you too!

Do you time block? I do. When I am the most proficient I time manage. I have the absolute BEST daily planner for this by Emily Ley. She blocks your day out by the hour. So I literally have each hour & half hour tagged with a major TO DO for that day. It helps me tremendously! I am by no means saying go spend $50 on a planner, you can do this on a simple piece of note paper each day!

I have talked about routine before, this ties into that post for sure. I do the same things each day. I exercise routinely in the mornings & get it all done before usually 11AM. Then I am able to F*O*C*U*S on my tasks.

Lifehack.com has 20 great tips for management as well. A lot of them can be meshed together but some good ones are definitely in that article. I like these:

  • Prioritize! Yes, if you say okay if I get anything done today it will for sure be THIS. Chances are you will feel so much more better about your day if you just get that one thing completed. Now if you don’t you will probably feel a bit defeated & anxious at the end of the day.a
  • Learn to say “NO”! Is this anyones problem? I want to say I can tend to dip my toes in this from time to time. My Husband says that I think I am Superwoman & I can handle 5 billion tasks. I like to think I have Super Hyper activeness abilities & a slight inability to say NO. In my case I think a lot of my problem is that I like to stay busy all the time. I don’t sit ever during the day unless I am doing actual work at my computer & sometimes I’ll pick it up & bring it to the kitchen counter so Im actually standing. I usually get all my tasks complete with absolute no issues other then it stresses my Husband out seeing me running around like a lunatic. I think I thrive under a bit of pressure. Do you? I need to practice saying the word NO a bit more. Who is with me?
  • Do not fuss with unimportant matters. Do you do this? I fall guilty to this sometimes. I have to really keep myself in line to make sure Im not doing too many mindless things during the day. However, I do rush & race to try to get a lot of the small tasks done in the same time it would take me to do one thing so then it does feel as if I have accomplished a bit more.

When you go to work or work from home & have small children its incredibly difficult to stay organized. For me I have to take care of my family but I also need to not forget to take care of myself! With out me then where would my sweet family be? That helps mentally keep me in check too.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you time manage?