To body double or not to body double…

So what exactly is “body doubling”?

Its when you hang with another person either in the same space or virtually to ensure that you are on the schedule to complete a task or to just hang out while you work.

Fast Company actually wrote an article on it, check it out here.

It was also a TikToc craze & a cool ADHD hack per this article.

Have you attempted your hand at it?

I can actually say that I have & I can also say that I love it.

So I received my first dose of body grouping (my version of more then one person involved) when I joined a writers group to promote better writing habits. One member wrote that she was going to be on a Zoom on silence and if any other members would like to join then all they would have to do is put on their camera & mute their sound. I have to say, at first I was completely taken a back because to me writing is extremely personal. Now you take something that intimate & expose it for a complete stranger to see being done. Eek! Sound the alarms. Well, in my head at least. I contemplated this idea for a while before actually deciding to take the plunge. At the time, I was really pushing myself to hit my writing goals daily so this felt as if I could potentially benefit from it. So I did it & although weird to be on a Zoom with 3 random individuals I have to say, I liked it. I was greeted with a smile, a wave & not even a glance & then that was it. We sat there writing in complete silence.

Okay, weird I know. However, I was able to accomplish my tasks at the time. Now, there is a different body doubling that I do almost daily during the week. Some might find it odd but I rather enjoy it. I body double virtually with my sister. I work, she works & we banter & we we sift through out emails & go about our work. Its nice & refreshing because its a constant sound board for our thought processes. If I am hit with a client issues, bam I just starting voicing the issue & I immediately have a conversation that eases my mind. Its refreshing & fun. Of course there are times where I can’t be on a body doubling call because I am speaking to individuals via phone or video chat but its a fun in between.

So if you haven’t tried it I task you with the challenge of phoning up a friend or sibling or even co-worker across the office. Or perhaps one day you & I can body double, although I talk a lot so unless you can work & talk, I may not be the best match. 😉