When is the best time to hire a professional recruiter?

This is a question that plagues employers. When is it a good time to bring on either an agency or an independent recruiter?

*Positions that are very niche based & highly specialized.

*Positions in demand but that have a very limited pool of candidates.

*Time is limited! Either you had an employee leave abruptly or you have an immediate need for an additional or new position.

*You tried everything else but nothing has worked! Countless ads, tons of hours spent & no results!

* Confidentiality. Recruiters know how to be discreet & utilize their networks to source candidates right for you.

At the end of the day a recruiter will utilize and exhaust all their resources to ensure that they source the top candidates requested. Recruiters can smell exaggeration, lies & lack in qualifications quicker than an employer. Recruiters may be the piranhas of the HR world but they are a necessity when backed in a corner.

If you don’t know about a recruiter & you are going back and forth in your decision just contact them. Contact them & allow them to educate you further into their specific methodology. Each recruiter, each agency are vastly different in what they are able to provide for you.