Nichols Virtual Sourcing is the ideal solution for quick, hassle-free management of your business to help you fully understand and appreciate the challenges of hiring.

Kathryn Nichols, Recruiter in Houston Texas

Job Seekers

Giving you the best chance of having a successful future.


We make sure employees sound like the best candidate possible.

Interviewing Tips

We help employees understand what the best etiquette is today when interviewing for a new role.

Job Seeking Techniques

We assist potential employees in finding the job that suits their talents and lifestyle best.


The expertise and experience necessary to pinpoint the ideal candidate.

Recruitment Training & Recruitment Consulting

We make sure employers know what to look for and how to look for them.

Job Fair Organization & Co-Hosting

We help find the best local and national talent who are desperate to be a part of your team.

Salary Adjustment Negotiation & Training

We make sure that when tough decisions need to be made, or rewards are due, they are handled with expertise.

Kathryn Nichols, Recruiting Expert in Houston

About Nichols Virtual Sourcing

Nichols Virtual Sourcing specializes in servicing all industries nationwide with only the best and most qualified sourced individuals provided.

Whether you are in need of a part-time employee, or a full-time professional, we can get you the right people in place far before you would have expected or intended. Not only do we work with the finest and most qualified individuals possible for each position that we work to fill, but we make sure that the people we recommend are going to fit the ethos and the mentality of your business.

This means that any business that wants to change their position for the better can rely upon our team. For those employers looking for full time staff members or direct-hires, you will find that our team have all the expertise and experience necessary to pinpoint the ideal candidate. Then, your business can get back to what it does best – while enjoying a far better selection process. How so? Our team takes the time and the due diligence to find the perfect candidates, meaning you only need a minimal input.

About Kathryn Nichols

Kathryn Nichols is the President of NVS. Texas born & raised, she raises her two children along side her husband, Daniel Nichols. She is an ovarian cancer survivor, originally diagnosed in 2016. Her love for God & his teachings motivated her to recreate the recruitment process. Making it more personable for job seekers as well as, creating an open dialogue to further find the ideal match for employers.

We at NVS offer encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for the job seeker’s journey & recruitment fulfillment for employers. It is truly Kathryn’s greatest desire to help others find inspiration through a balance of business & personal recruitment principals. NVS will guide job seekers and employers alike to look at recruiting, jobs & careers as a continuous journey.

“I was initially impressed with Kathryn’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. Kathryn is an innovative, customer focused and a wise team player. She has my highest recommendation.”
Kristina Coronado
Administrative Assistant at ATI
Kathryn Nichols, a Professional Headhunter in Houston Texas

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Kathryn Nichols

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