You weren’t happy to begin with, with your employer. So you decided, I am going to go fishing for a new job. So you get your resume together, you clean up your LinkedIn & you put yourself out there.

Is it money that made you want to leave your employer to begin with? Or is was it something more?

Chances are it wasn’t just the money let’s be honest now. Perhaps there was something else at the root that pushed you over the edge. I bet if your employer had made you happy in all aspects (company culture, wages, promotional capabilities, co-workers/atmosphere, position etc.) that you wouldn’t have decided to go for another role even if the money wasn’t right.

Am I hitting closer to home now? Mmm hmmm.

So, now you have bite after bite on your resume. I mean people are interested, you are thinking to yourself, “okay, people are interested, so I should be of value to my current employer”. The thoughts start to flourish on this idea. You then have interview after interview & are starting to get actual job offers. Not just decent offers but some that have potential for the long term. Now, you think, “I have leverage!

This is the problem that a lot of candidates make. They think grass isn’t always greener but if I can get more money then perhaps I will be happy & I can shove all the other issues with my current employer under the rug. (tsk tsk) Another thing, is people often don’t like change. Once you get good and comfortable & you know your routine, your co-workers, your employer’s expectations in you, then you don’t want to leave. It becomes a security blanket & then you become chained down to your employer despite potentially having some great opportunities for advancement in your career.

Lesson for today kids…

Don’t go dangling your fishing pole in the water unless you know in your bones that is where you want to fish. Also, don’t treat the ones you’re interviewing for (recruiters, other employers, HR Managers/hiring managers) like guinea pigs. It’s a waste of time, money & resources for all parties involved. Also, if you know that the company you are interviewing with really likes you…that to me is just disrespectful. If you know it’s not a possibility, just let them know.