I don’t hear anything complained more about then creating or updating a resume. Its really interesting to me that people in unison absolutely hate putting their attributes on paper. Why is that? Is it their humbled roots showing? Is it their laziness & inability to miss their favorite TV Shows? Guys, guys there are avenues for recording such things….DVR, TIVO? Hello.

Lets get back to the basics everyone.

So pull up a comfy chair, get out your physical or virtual notepad & lets do this!

First off, lets start with the format. Keep it simple. It doesn’t need to be crazy & artsy. It will be discarded usually if its too crazy to read. At least from my perspective.

Name (First, middle initial, last name)
Address, Contact Number, Email Address (address is a must because Recruiters want to weed out those that are not in the location to cut relocation costs)
Social Media (This is huge, every employer will google you, so beat them to it & make sure your social media is clean, professional & appropriate)

Skill Sets (or highlights if you will)
Computer Programs
The type of positions held broken down in a general manner
Communication abilities

Years worked
Explanation of duties
Reason for departure (if it is listed, its one less thing an employer/recruiter has to ask)
*If you were promoted please do not make another sub-paragraph with the same information but different title, do it all in the same one. Sometimes employer/recruiters will quickly glance & discard thinking job hopping took place.
*Also, please be sure to only list at least 3-5 Employers. If you are of an older age, please be sure to keep the positions current.

College Facility
Years Attended
Type of Degree (Any special degree goes here too!)

Volunteer Work
This is where Employers get to see your human interests. Do not leave it out!

Be sure to include this on a separate page but include them!
List the name, the association, contact number & email. (Rule: List at least 2 Employers & 1 Friend/Family member that can attest to your character)

One last thing, UPDATE YOUR RESUME before you submit on any job website or business network. Employer/Recruiters should not have to ask what it is that you do currently etc.

Should you not be sure if whether your resume is dynamic & enough to get your foot in the door have a friend look it over, or send it to a Recruiter to review. Utilize your network & resources!