In my years of sorting through hundreds of thousands of resumes I have come to the conclusion that paper can only tell us so much. Why in the midst of social media has the resume stayed stagnant? It baffles me! There is absolutely no better way to communicate who we are as individuals & market ourselves for an employer than to set up a camera & start talking. So that is exactly what I decided to do. Its incredibly raw but at the end of the day the companies that I apply for can see me for me. How I speak & articulate myself. My appearance & my history. Would I be a good fit for their company & mesh well with the other employees? These are all questions they can get answers to by simply sending a video resume versus black & white text with scripted verses outlining the best moments in our lives. Don’t you think? So join me in revolutionizing the way we promote ourselves! Im going to update this video later & try different angles & ways to make it more marketable.