2016 was a great year not only for Nichols Virtual Sourcing but also for me personally. Great? Yes, great. As stated in my first blog post I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on June 24 of 2016. Life now has a very different meaning then it did before. Thankfully God gifted me with the ability to create NVS prior to my illness & because of it I was able to keep my mind busy on matters other then my health. I use the wonderful adjective ‘great’ to sum up a year that brought me to my knees & placed before me the ideology that well, life isn’t forever.

God sure has a way of shaking us when we are running full steam ahead & reminding us that He should be our focus. Bittersweet blessings.

So NVS readers, I beat cancer. 6 rounds, 6 CAT scans, endless needles & 2 trips to the ER. God fatefully blessed me with the strength & ability to conquer cancer & Im here today to do my best to make His remarkable world a better place.

I know people wonder how on earth I was able to work while ill. Honestly I have clients that ask the same but its not really my own perseverance but Gods perseverance working through me. I was still able to gain a new business venture, do some charity work for Texas Children’s Hospital (assisting cancer kids with Christmas via Chandlers Tree Farm) & also helped many find employment. Im even being asked by a congregation to share my testimony at a conference next year. I can say that I helped put food on a table, helped shelter a family, help put a Dad or Mom to work & all while serving God. It sure does feel like God has a plan etched out perfectly.

So 2016 thank you. Thank you for knocking me down & humbling every part of me.