Circumstances …

She didn’t get the job she wanted. Instead she had to take two lower paying jobs to make ends meat. She had bills to pay after all & children to feed. She didn’t even have time to wonder about her past dreams. In the time it took to drift away she either fell asleep or prompted herself to get busy doing something. Always do something rang in her head when she fell idle. Mama always said doing is better than not doing. And so she did just that. Everyday she got up, went to work, came home, fed the kids, helped them with their homework & then went to her second job while her Mother watched the kids. Every day, even on the Lords day. She wished she had been given he opportunity to build a career but life happened & she did what she had to do. Maybe she will write a book or give a speech about this time in her life one day.

Do you often feel as if you are stuck in a hamster wheel? Going through a routine but not fully living life? Not because you don’t want to but because occurrences took place that took precedence over passions?

It happens to us all in varying degrees. What matters is how we come out of it. Do you keep doing the same thing or do you find a way out to better yourself? Its usually tough circumstances that have given a gumption personality trait that others lack. Lifes hard lessons are invaluable lessons unwanted but necessary.