Are you a positive person? Do attribute your success to that? Or are you paralyzed by anxiety & the up’s and down’s of the work world?

Im a positive person 95% of the time. I would like to designate that 5% to initial reactions to things. I have to let my mind wrap its hands around a fail or mistake & suffocate it to death before it manifests in to something toxic & unhealthy.

For the most part I have always been a pretty positive person & I’d like to attribute that to my Father. Nothing ever gets him down, even now at 72 with 20 years at war with Parkinsons. It is amazing what your mind can do to your life. When I went through the whole cancer process its a legitimate rabbit hole & it sucks you in with no windows to escape & no air bubbles to keep from panicking. It is just all encompassing. From the moment they say you have cancer you are pretty much floating in space with one of those weird helmets & unable to clearly hear anyone. I think what snapped me out of that phase & put me back in reality was the 1st round of chemo. All that anxiety & anticipation was ripped away with that first dose of poison as it entered my veins. Then that is it. Reality sets in & I was pulled back to my body unbeknownset to me.

Anxiety I think is the first step to the black hole of negativity. If you have fear or doubt it completely cripples you & then grows until a black cloud arises surrounding you. However, if you can take that anxiety & somehow find a way to not only suppress it but control it, it can be a huge asset to the beginning of a healthy mindset. Think about the power you harness when you can control all your inhibitions.

Again, when going through chemo I had a scary epileptic seizure that scared me. In the midst of the ER visits & having no control over the movement of my eyes as they rolled back in my head all I could do was cling to positivity & prayer. What else can you do in such a defeating circumstance?

With work just like an illness but in a different way it comes & goes in waves, just like it does with everyone. I can have a million candidates lined up & work flowing steady & then all of a sudden out of a drop of a hat something happens. Boom… just like that I am rattled & have to regain focus. So when a candidate that goes all the way doesn’t get hired it could take a toll but I try not to let it. Instead I think, well its not meant to be for that individual & I can’t control it. However, I do have 110% control of my work ethic & gaining more candidates for this client. So instead of placing all my focus on that sole candidate failing to make it to the finish line, I shift gears & my mind shifts gears too. My body becomes at ease because of it & everything drops in place.

So maybe the next time you go to work & a client ghosts you or you do not meet your quota shift your mind to what you can control. The past is in the past & you can only have influence on the future & what is to come.

My Husband used to tell me when something would knock me down-Let it do what it do. Silly saying but its so very true. It is what it is & it will not change so go with the flow, in other words & something good might come of it.