The artist is Carla Llanos & she does a beautiful job capturing women of different types.

I went down a rabbit hole this morning with statistics because I kept thinking about how many women each company has employed. And is there anything being done internally to change that.

I asked around to some family & friends to see how many worked with in their companies. I was shocked to hear that it was just a handful at each.

Why is that?

Is it industry based or is it a lack of women in the workforce? Which is it for you & your company?

I understand that it will take sometime to change the script after years of suppression. But how long will it before its a 50/50 split? I know that it probably never will fully be a true 50/50 & that is just based on the fact that women birth the children & by default have to go through a time of self healing & care for the little one before even thinking about returning back to the work force.

Did you know that these are the professions dominated by women? (Per International Labour Organizations post) this is the % in comparison to men in that field.

Personal care workers 88%

Health associate professionals 76%

Cleaners and helpers 74%

General and keyboard clerks 71%

Health professionals 69%

Teaching professionals 68%

Customer services clerks 66%

Other clerical support workers 61%

Food preparation assistants 60%

Personal service workers 56%

For additional labor statistics go here.

What are your thoughts on this?

I am in no way hating on the men out there, they have been out there working in every industry since the creation of them all. Im simply interested in hearing how much we have evolved. So many issues come to mind; pay, time off, promotions, industries etc.

California made a law (Senate Bill 826) that CNBC wrote about in an article back in 2018 that stated that if a company has 6 board members that 3 of them have to be women. *Game Changing!*