When an employer refuses to give a raise, bonus or promotion to a deserving employee it can really come back to bite them.

I know its sort of a game that employers play with employees; very strategic in who gets what & when from the employer stand point & on the other side whether we do the dance or get off the floor.

Employees honestly, do not want to play games. They want to be able to be comfortable coming up to their direct superior & asking for that raise, bonus or promotion without feeling anxious in anyway. They are just trying to do well for themselves & their families. Honestly, its almost a student/teacher set up. Students should feel they can ask the teacher questions but every now and then you get a teacher that doesn’t want to answer the question or is too scary to even approach.

I always hear the word, “open door policy” thrown around but do people actually, truthfully adhere to that?

I recently heard an employee ask for a raise, was turned down for whatever the reason was at the time. It could have been budget issues, just not a convenient time frame when asked or that person was unliked. Regardless, little did the employer know that the employee actually had another offer. They wanted to give their current employer the opportunity to offer a raise with out dangling the other carrot. A true test of value. What a failure. Now the employee said, “peace got to go, I got a great offer with an employer that sees value in me” & then old employer is left scrambling retracing their steps as to what they did wrong. Little do they know they had that opportunity & failed to take the time to respond properly.

Another chat for a different time is when an employee goes to an employer and asks for a raise, promotion or bonus & gets shot down. They never seem to know why it was that they were turned down, they are never offered a teaching experience. Don’t we owe it to our employees to better themselves? To learn & grow? To figure out how to go about things the right way, the professional way?

This is a reoccurring theme amongst many people. Times are tough yes with supply chain issues, vaccine mandates, among many other issues occurring today….its all leading to employees dropping like flies.