No strings attached or are they?

“Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” – Ronald Reagan

Just a little bit of political humor to start off with because this topic can be a bit umm, controversial.

Cagle Post has fantastic cartoons on the issues we are facing today. Some pretty good cartoonists, witty & talented.

No body likes to talk politics at the table, especially as of late. However, we can not deny the fact that since G. Floyd & Covid (amongst others like Biden/Trump election & several other issues) that politics, social media & businesses have really bled into one and other in a way that our forefathers would have never guessed. How could they when social media was not in existence back then. My how different things would be if George Washington had, had a Twitter account.

Yes in history corporations have always operated in a private way where their money & vote goes towards a particular party but now its become a beast so to speak, where companies are throwing their deep pockets & backing towards changing politics forever. We have seen it with Facebook & Twitter. Companies & people are going as far as turning their backs on each other if they do not agree on issues. I’ve heard people say they wouldn’t hire the other political party if they voted a certain way or shared different beliefs. Its shocking & has become quite the controversial issues to talk about. I even know families that at times will not even speak due to the level of distain for the other party.

People are even scared & intimidated to even speak their minds for fear of exile & harassment. When did we become an American body divided?

Why can a company as big as Facebook swing a vote you ask? At the heart of it, its because it can dictate quite easily what they want the public to see & not see. Its that simple. Example: If John goes to Facebook & decides he is going to use his own Facebook to go on a political rant & Facebook does not agree with the message, well then said post gets blocked. Just like Twitter with Trump’s tweets & other individuals. The narrative is being selectively scripted to show only what they would like others to see. Or at least, that is the way I see it. Agree or not, social media moguls & other companies have become almost an uncontrollable monster.

Now we have the vaccines & the mandates & a clear line in the sand whether you are for or against.

We are not so far off from what happened during the American Revolution, I’ve read that it was a deep rooted internal political affair, stemming from wealthy land owners that had a lot of say. Could you imagine if they had made peace and allowed for the colonists to have seats in the British Parliament? If they could have only came up with a compromise that apparently was sought after by many (like Ben Franklin). History was made & forever changed & yet we are doing it again. Am I shocked, not in the least. People of money always dictate trends, forecasts & politics. It seems to be a constant in history for many countries, not just our own.

Hope I didn’t offend people. Even the idea of communicating politics no matter how strategic in mapping out how exactly to say something for fear of offending someone gives me some serious anxiety. It shouldn’t be like this!

I am very curious to see what ends up taking place in the next several years in due to certain power players. It all trickles down to the worker bee at every level, because we are directly affected by each decision.

What are your thoughts? I really want to know! Its okay not to agree with me. I promise I will still respect you. 😉