Episode 2, Chats with Roman

Roman is on a roll everyone! I think he likes the end product more than the process it takes but I told him what do you think Ryan’s Toy Review does to complete a video? It takes an army! Do your kids obsess over Ryan? It baffles me that he has made his fortune making videos. My husband & I rack our brains around it. These videos are our spin on Ryan’s, with a tad more relatable business information.

Roman has taken on a business partner, learned about invoices, contracts & negotiation! I thought the best part of this process was when he went up to his client & whispered, “This one’s on the house, remember?” He was prepaid for an extra walk so we had to explain that to him as well.

Do you talk to your kids about business? Do they ask you questions about what you do & where you go everyday?

Hope you enjoy his series, I enjoy the time teaching him & doing it. Its certainly a learning curve on my part. Like Roman says in the video, stay tuned for next weeks video on allowances!