Support Small Businesses

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I know a lot of friends personally that are hustlers, movers & shakers & that have their own businesses or just started their own business. It takes a lot of work to maintain & keep it going-Trust me, I know. However, at the end the day working for myself gives me a sense of pride. I know that I give my all 110% of the time to each client my company takes on. The blood, sweat & tears are real ya’ll. Maybe not the blood since my line of work is not that intense BUT I do give tons of sweat & tears.

Anytime I hear of a friend or family member that is trying to keep their business running or start it up, I do my best to order from them or support them in anyway I can. Due to Covid I know some people that are seriously struggling & the state of the economy pushed them to get up & move. My cousin started Clutch City Cocktails & is doing fantastic, check his Facebook out! I have another friend that started her own venture in business too, check her out here! A close friend just published a children’s book too, check her site out!

Remember, every big business started small.