Dealing with Stress

How do you deal with the hustle of everyday life? Especially now since Covid?

Methods to de-stress can be as easy as drinking a cup of tea. Entrepreneur did an article on methods of to unwind. Take a look! I love some of the options.

First off, the article states to identify those stress triggers. For those that are constantly into self-improvement this is probably easy but for those that are not there yet, this would be a great starting point. Stress triggers for me is negativity. I don’t like negative thoughts & statements. There is no point in complaining especially when it doesn’t aid in making you productive. Another is cluttered thoughts for me. So if I can organize what it is that needs to be done, then life moves along much better.

The next one says to take a walk. Hello those that are in my neighborhood. I personally have to move to de-stress. I swear my fellow neighbors labeled me as THAT Mom. Yup, I am. Ill walk our dog like 3 times a day, no dog has ever been so active! My children know, daily life doesn’t start until we have exercised together. I love this quote from Legally Blonde!

Do you laugh, that’s next up on their list of things to help you relax! My kids make me laugh everyday. They are silly as children typically are & they love to tell jokes & make silly stories. I try to surround myself with people that are often positive & more light hearted. Like they say, you are who you surround yourself with. I know there are people out there that we have to have in our lives that might not be in tune with their inner child so this can be difficult at times but over all it helps.

Breathing actually made their list! Yup, breathing. Do you do Yoga? I used to do it every week at my gym & the feeling I had when I left the gym was that of a clear mind & relaxed body. I don’t have the time I used to do dedicate to this work out but I should make some. Have you tried yoga?

Do you get up early? Do you set that alarm for a good amount of time before you have to be out of the door? I do (raises hand high!) I have to, especially when my kids go to school. I am that Mom that has to make the beds, vacuum, cook breakfast & clean up all before walking out the door. I am my Mothers child. However, as much as you might roll your eyes it does wonders for my mental state knowing that when I come back from drop off I can just dive straight into my work. If you haven’t tried this, you really should!

The next one is huge for anyone that really wants to get their life in balance. Eating. Eating is a way to cure your body of stress but if you are eating the wrong types of foods it can actually make you more unproductive & sluggish. Thankfully my Husband & I are both big on a good healthy routine & so we push our kids to do so also. We cook with heavy vegetable sides each day, lean meats & we see those benefits! We actually try hard to eat the rainbow as Nutritionist often say to do. We are clearer in thought & fitter because of it. I’ll be recruiting until Im 90 this way! Haha.

There are alot of other tips that are on the article that are all pretty good. Like visualizing something that will make you slow down & pace yourself.
Meditation also gets a mention. For me I don’t typically meditate however, I do pray a lot. Every morning & every evening you won’t hear me but I often give my worries, angst & thoughts over the God because with out him I know I can not accomplish anything. It helps keep me centered my faith.

So go check that article out. Its a pretty good read. For another good. ready check out, this article back in 2019 by Forbes. It talks about the countries that hold the most stressed out people. Yes the United States made it. Its probably because everyone is always go, go go! We need to learn how to pace ourselves or the race of life will fly by us.