The insanity of competitiveness & the discipline that goes with it.

What is it in our human nature that causes us to feel as if we have to keep going? Our bodies could be giving us a million different signals of an impending crash & we choose to ignore them & take on more work. Why? Do you do this? I know I have fallen victim to this on an almost routine basis.

I get up very early each morning although I work from my home, I still have to tend to my small kids. I feel as if routine is imperative to ensure I have a good mindset each day. However, when the weekends come I still feel this invisible hand grab me & throw me into my routine. I just want to yell and stuff a pillow over my head and burrow tightly in my sheets but alas that just never happens. It is almost a robotic sensation that occurs. It trickles into everything I do. Much like the strike of the clock at 2PM that prompts me to get my adrenaline pumping or succumb to the heavy weight of my tired body as the gravity yearns to pull me to the couch.

Do you nap? Its a silly question sometimes for adults to be asked but I actually find that a lot of adults do. Not just in certain industries either, it seems to be through out the board. Each and everyone of them states that it helps them refocus & regain their energy. Mentally I just can’t nap. I again feel the sense to just keep going even if Im going on fumes.

So back to the question. Why? Why do I do this. I think a lot of it has to do with competitiveness. Some say competitiveness is in our genes. Im extremely competitive. I grew up playing sports since I was very young & now my kids do. Before you wonder…yes I am that parent that comes early, leaves late & is never shuts her mouth during the game because Im constantly cheering the team on. I am big on house projects and my Husband would certainly roll his eyes at this. In that I hear someones been adding this or taking down that & it gets my mind wondering what could be modified in my own home. Same with working out, I love to do classes at my gym. If I see someone relatively in the same build I pick that person out & I have to one up them in all they do. In my mind you can always be better, be smarter, be fitter etc. There will always be someone better but you shouldn’t stop trying to succeed.

So my son just came up to me and asked what I was doing. I explained I was constructing a blog post for my website. We get to chatting & one thing leads to another and he asked do we get brain breaks like he does from his teachers during school work. I looked at my 7 year old & smiled, what a thinker he can be. If only Employers gave such a thing. Brain brakes are imperative to make a person relax and come back stronger, sharper & more alert. Can I get an “Amen!” to all those that wished their Employers made each employee take a brain brakes to increase overall productivity?