The power of perseverance

When he was a kid he was told to just quit, he just wasn’t good enough to make it. He would come home from school, do his homework & go back to playing. Over and over he would hit the same notes & do the same chords until it was perfection. He wouldn’t be lesser then. He couldn’t be. He would make it & he would do it until he couldn’t do it anymore. Later on that same kid walked confidently across the stage & he was triumphant in his achievements. Playing for the crowds that lay at his feet.

When she wanted to try out for the school varsity team she was ridiculed & mocked because she wasn’t like the other girls. She wasn’t strong & muscular. She was tall & skinny with no power but she worked hard daily. She practiced at her game every morning before school, attended & excelled academically & practiced again every afternoon. When that same shy girl now a woman shook her competitors hand after her first professional game, she was on cloud nine. Turning to the stands seeing the applause & feeling its vibration ring in her heart. Pride swelled.

Life has a way of morphing & evolving into beautiful things. You can not quite see it when its in front of you. You have a split second to decide how you will react to a situation. If you can ease your reaction & hold empathy instead of anger things will get better. The moment you have made it you know. You feel it. If it wasn’t for the kid being told he wasn’t good enough to play & he mentally changed that into positivity then he wouldn’t have achieved his dream. If that girl would have listened to all those girls mocking her she too would be one of the many that end up with regrets & resentment. The power of perseverance is a necessary mind game that all of us must play daily in order to achieve our dreams.

It might not even be our dreams though. It might just be the daily tasks we are faced with because we have to do them. The father who works three jobs to put food on the table for his family. His dreams are different, his priorities are not aligned with the stereotypical ones we are told that mask themselves sometimes as fairytales. His dreams are just the reality of life as callous as that sounds. What about the daughter who had to stop going to college to take care of her sick mother? Her dreams morphed & changed and now have become a very different future for her than what she originally imagined. Her new dream is to see her Mother healthy. Even though she is tired & drained she perseveres. She keeps getting up daily to cook & clean for her mother. To hold her hand during chemo. She keeps moving.

Thats the key here. Don’t give in. Don’t give up.

Determination. Grit. Moxie. Go get it, what ever your dream is.